PVC Credit Card Scrap

Production scrap (shredded & in octa bins)
ore on palets when its misprinting or overstock
no lamination pure PVC
No other plastic mix within!!



Name Pvc credit card scrap PVC credit card scrap
Material PVC, Paper, Eco-friendly-ABS, PET
Dimension CR80(85.5*54mm),or customized
Thickness 0.76mm(credit card thickness), or customized
Magnetic stripe 300OE,650OE,2750OE,4000OE
Available crafts 4 color offset printing, silk-screen printing, UV printing, magnetic stripe, embossing numbers, signature panel, barcode, encoding, thermal barcode/numbers, scratch-off panel, hole punched, UV barcode/numbers, individual packing, etc.
Applications bank, traffic, insurance, hotel, hospital, parking, school, access control, etc.


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