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  • Diced Rabbit

    Season:  Available all year

    • No bones
    • Meat diced up ready for the pie

    If you don’t want to bother with bones, and just want the meat for a casserole or pie, then use our diced rabbit.  Our butchers have stripped and cut up the meat from a whole rabbit to make your life as easy as possible. The size of cubes will vary from the back legs, loin, and front legs.

  • Wild Rabbit

    Season: Available all year
    • A great alternative to chicken
    • Each rabbit is joined into 5 to 6 portions
    • Soak in salty water before cooking
    • Oven ready weight can be between 600g and 800g

    Rabbit is best casseroled and there are many recipes available. Try beer or cider, both are popular choices of marinade or liquid base for rabbit casseroles!

    You have the choice of the whole rabbit as is – unprocessed with its fur and head-on – or oven-ready. The oven-ready rabbit is joined by our expert butchers into five pieces: four legs and the saddle (back). We also give you the option of the rabbit in fur but gutted and the option of a skinned rabbit but not gutted.

    Please note: It May contain the liver and kidneys.