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  • Abs Computer Scrap

    Product name Abs plastic scrap prices Color As required Advantage Competitive price, high quality,on-time delivery, free sample Environment friendly High Heat Resistance, High impact resistance Without any impurity Can be reinforced with the glass fiber/toughness/flame retardant/UV stabilizer Packing 25kg/bag (also customizable)

  • Aluminum Extrusion Scrap

    We offer Aluminum Scrap 6063 is (Briquetted form 15 inch x 15 inch & o25cm x 25cm x 20cm and weight range 25 Kg to 35 Kg) mill finish / anodized.The material contains no attachment and no chips in the bundles/ briquettes. Material is only white and not painted

    No plastic content, No Iron related materials. Dimension of briquette only 15-inch x 15 inches and or 25cm x 25cm x 20cm and weight range 25 Kg to 35 Kg.

  • Aluminum Ingots 99.9%

    25kg per Ingots.
    25kg X 40 Ingots per metric tons.
    25 metric tons per 40 feet container.
    packaging can also be done according to the customer’s request.

  • Brass Honey Scrap

    Our Brass scrap conforms to the following;
    Commodity: Brass Scrap ISRI Honey
    Reference 70% Cu, Rest Zn.
    Attachment: Not over 0.1%
    Our Brass Honey Scrap consists of Faucet scrap, a scrap of machinery parts, plated brass, etc
    Size is a chip or another size as prescribed by the buyer.

  • Ceramic Cpu Scrap

    Family Intel Xeon
    Model number E5640
    CPU part number AT80614005073AB (SLBVC)
    Box part number BX80614E5620 (SLBVC)
    Frequency (MHz) 2667
    Bus speed (MHz) 2933 MHz QPI
    Package 1366-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array (FC-LGA10)
    Socket Socket 1366 (LGA1366)
    Size 1.77″ x 1.67″ / 4.5cm x 4.25cm


    The chickpea or chickpea is an annual legume of the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. Its different types are variously known as gram or Bengal gram, garbanzo or garbanzo bean, and Egyptian pea.

  • Copper Cathodes (Electrolytic Grade A)

    These Copper Cathodes are used in different applications that include railways, electronics, engineering, and various other fields. Also, these can be used in high-performing wires and building materials. Being highly reactive, these are also used as constituents of various alloys.

  • Copper Ingot 99.99%

    COPPER ( Cu ) 99.951- 99.981%
    Lead  (Pb) 0.0000%
    Zinc  (Zn) 0.0000-0.0001%
    Phosphorus  (P) 0.014 – 0.016%
    Iron  (Fe) Iron (Fe)
    Aluminum (Al)

    0.0000 – 0.0001%

    Silicon(Si )

    0.0000 %

  • Copper Ore

    Copper(Cu), %
    25.0 Min
    Lead(Pb), %
    5.00 Max
    Cadmium(Cd), %
    0.05 Max
    Mercury(Hg), %
    0.01 Max
    Flourine(F), %
    0.10 Max
    Arsenic(As), %
    0.50 Max
    Moisture(H2O), %
    5.0 Max
    0-100 mm
  • Copper Wire Scrap 99.99%

    Our Copper WIRE SCRAP, (Millberry) 99.99% is of high quality and at a purity of 99.98% min. 99.99% Max. COPPER: 99.9% CARBON: 0.03%.

  • Drained Lead Battery Scrap

    Item No.: DHB613;
    Voltage: 6V;
    Normal capacity: 1.3AH/20hr;
    Dimension(L*W*H): 97*24*52mm;
    Total height(with terminal): 57mm;
    Weight: 0.30kg;

  • Electric Alternator Scrap

    Operating Conditions:
    Ambient temperature: -15?C<q<40 ?C
    Altitude: altitude should be lower than 1000 meters above sea level
    Rated voltage: 380V
    Rated frequency: 50/60HZ
    Duty/Rating: Continuous(S1)
    Insulation class: B
    Protection class: IP54
    Cooling method: IC0141.