Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Name: Extra Virgin olive oil
Product TypeFruit Oil
Appearanceyellow oil
Moisture and Volatiles %0.20 Max
Unsaponifiables %2
Peroxide Value meq/kg10
Iodine value gI/100g170-200
Storage room temp
Packing25 KG/ drum
Flash point225 °C
QUICK DETAILS •Type: Extra virgin •Origin: Edremit (Aegean region)-TURKEY •Cultivation Type: Conventional •Purity: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil •Acidity: Oleic acid (max % 0.8)
Packaging Details: Pet bottlesDelivery, plastic drum, aluminum bottle
Detail:10 days/customized

Olive oil can improve and enhance the effectiveness of the function of the endocrine system
♦ Olive oil can promote blood circulation, Prevent hypertension, and heart disease.
♦ Olive oil can Improve digestive function
♦ Olive oil can moisturize and whiten the skin, It is rich in vitamins A, D, E, F, and K, an unsaturated fatty acid content of up to 88%, and can be easily absorbed by the skin, has moisturizing, anti-oxidation, anti-UV, and other effects.


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