16KG/CTN: 1384 cartons/fcl
18KG/CTN: 1264 cartons/ fcl
20KG/CTN: 1085/1186 fcl.


Name: Fresh crown pear
Variety: Ya Pear, Fengshui Pear, Golden Pear, Shandong Pear, Su Pear, Crown Pear
Color White Yellow/Green
Size 18/20/22/24/36/40/44/48/72/80/96/112
Place of origin  EU
Packing and transport of our Pear
Packing: 1)      Inner Packing::paper tray, foam net ,plastic bag.2)      Outer Packing::4kg/9kg/10kg/18kg

About 22 ton for one 40’rhc

18/20/22/24 , 4KG/CTN: 5250 cartons / 40HR

20/22/24, 4.5KG/CTN: 5012 cartons / 40HR

36/40/44, 9KG/CTN: max 2500 cartons / 40HR

40/44/48,10KG/CTN: max 2156 cartons / 40HR

72/80/96/112, 18KG/CTN:1264 cartons / 40HR


Delivery time: 7-10 days after confirming your order
Transporting and storing temperature: -1-3 degree
Payment T/T  NegotiableNegotiable acceptable
Other information about our Pear
Supply period August to next March

Fresh season: August to September

Cold storage season: October to next March

Supply Capacity 500 MTS per week
Main Market:

Middle East, Russia, South East Asian, North America, South America, etc.


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