Pure Organic Soybean Oil


Key Specifications/Special Features:
Product Name: Soybean oil
Appearance: light yellow oily liquid
Specification of Soybean oil
Appearancelight yellow oily liquid
Refractive index1.4680~1.4760
Acid value≤1.0
Saponification value185~195
Iodine Value120~146

Chemical Characteristics:
Light amber oil, as low as 2 ~ 4 ℃ for liquid, still under 21 to 27 ℃ should have no foreign substances.

The coating agent; Emulsifier; Forming AIDS; Tissue improver
Mainly for food, also used in the manufacture of hardened oil, soap, glycerin, and paint
It is used for adding fat to leather. Preparation of sulfide oil.
Used as a solvent for liposoluble drugs


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