Waste Pu Foam Scrap

Rebond Foam Scrap: AAA grade pu foam scrap in bales
Preferred density range: 15 to  25 kg/m3
Clean & dry unused off-cuts: 100%
PU foam scrap color: mixed
scrap Foam Skins: none
Re-bonded Foam: none
Bare Skins: none
Ester-type Foam: none
Hydrophilic Foam: none
Laminated Fabric / Foam: none
Laminated vinyl / Pvc / Foam: none
Reticulated Foam: none
Visco-elastic Foam: none
Foreign Matter/ Contamination: none
Factory Sweepings: none



Prefered Density Range 20 to 30% kg/m3
Clean and dry unused offcuts 100%
Color Mixed Colors
Foam Skins 0% to 100% for choose
Rebounded Foam None
Bare Skins None
Ester Type Foam 0%
Laminated fabric or PVC 0%
Visco memory foam 0%
Factory sweepings 0%
Old used foam 0%
Packing Compressed in Bale
Weight for each bale 230 to 250kg/ Bale
Loading Ability About 20 tons for 1*40HQ
Sample lead time 1-2days
Mass production lead time



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