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  • Charcoal

    • Experience the Hype — Our mindfully made charcoal has been carefully designed to give you the best grilling experience possible, using sustainably sourced recycled wood. Enjoy longer burn times, cleaner cooking, and money-saving reusability with our pure sustainable charcoal for your grill.
    • More Burn For Your Buck — Save time, money and fuel with our charcoal. Because of its compressed structure, Prime6 is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, with 8lb equivalent to 32lbs of ordinary lump charcoal. Plus, its reusable design means less waste – just reuse again and again until it’s completely burned out.
    • All Natural With No Additives — Prime 6 is made from recycled hardwood waste sawdust, compressed and slow-carbonized into dense charcoal. That’s it. No binders. No additives. No chemicals. The result? Pure charcoal, and a clean burn – no chemical smoke in your food or on your table.
    • Firing Up The Flavor — Prime 6 is the charcoal your ingredients deserve. Our unique hexagonal design allows for better air circulation, giving you a longer burn time with high, even heat – and more even cooking. You get an excellent grilling experience with pure, big flavor. That’s why pit masters and chefs across America choose Prime 6.
    • Feel-Good Grilling — Grilling isn’t just a juicy burger, a vegetable kebab crisscrossed with char, or a sizzling steak. It’s dinner that turns into a party at your house when the neighbors show up. Mustard on your fingers. Music on your speakers. Bottom line: Grilling is a celebration. 
  • Cleaved Firewood

    We produces and supply fresh and kiln dried  firewood. Length usually is adjustable to each customer request, but usually we have two standard sizes 25- 27 cm and 28-30 cm. Our Alder firewood has the best quality, because it is kiln dried mechanically.

    Wood :                         hard wood & soft wood
    – Packing :                     normally on pallet 1x1x1,8 m ( or 1x1x2 m )
    – length :                       25, 33 and 50 cm
    – thickness :                 max 20 cm
    – Humidity:                Fresh wood, semi-dry  and dry ( max 25% )
    – Quantity :                max 50 trucks monthly
    – Terms of delivery : DAP /CIF

    Our firewoods have different  packaging sizes: 22l and 40 l bags (after special request), usually in 1m3 and 2m3 boxes. The packaging is also adjustable according to your requirements.

  • EPAL Wood Pallets

    We is engaged in manufacturing of wooden Pallet of European standard, as well as any other standards with different varieties of demand from customers and to meet thier specifications, and repair of second-hand pallets.

    We Supply  pallets both  domestic market and for export to the world at large. We sell pallets from our warehouse or with delivery to the buyer`s warehouse.

    We supply Epal/Euro/Standard Pallets, Use and New

  • HDF Boards

    High-density fiberboard – is one of the trendiest materials in woodworking these days. It is engineered by combining wood fiber and glue under immense pressure and heat, and are a suitable alternative to real wood. The recycled nature of their construction makes them environmentally friendly, and the pressure used to create them makes them highly durable. But they carry vastly different price tags, with HDF costing a good deal more than its less dense sibling.

    Due to its higher density, HDF is much thinner – and therefore not suitable for creating pieces such as interior moldings or skirting boards. While neither version does well around water, HDF is more water-resistant than MDF, and its density does also make it stronger.

  • MDF boards

    Medium-density fiberboard and high-density fiberboard – are two of the trendiest materials in woodworking these days. They’re engineered by combining wood fiber and glue under immense pressure and heat, and are a suitable alternative to real wood. The recycled nature of their construction makes them environmentally friendly, and the pressure used to create them makes them highly durable.

    MDF, on the other hand, is much more suitable for furniture and decorative pieces. It’s highly affordable, and has a smooth surface that lends itself well to being painted. Using veneer on MDF can also create the illusion of solid wood.

  • OSB Boards

    OSB is a material with favorable mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for load-bearing applications in construction. It is now more popular than plywood, commanding 66% of the North American structural panel market. The most common uses are as sheathing in walls, flooring, and roof decking. For exterior wall applications, panels are available with a radiant-barrier layer laminated to one side; this eases installation and increases energy performance of the building envelope. OSB is also used in furniture production.

  • Plywood

    Plywood is used for many different applications, ranging from industrial & engineering uses, to the manufacture of decorative furniture & shop fitting. It is used where lower-cost, commercial plywood products such as birch are not suitable, whether for its performance or aesthetic purposes.

  • Wood Briquettes

    Ash Content Max 5%
    Moisture Max 6%

    We are offering Sawdust Briquettes.


    High calorific value

    Leaves only white ash without any fixed carbon

    Low in sulphure

  • Wood Chips

    Smoking Chips are a great way to add authentic, all-natural wood-smoked flavor to any grill. Simply soak the chips in water and add to a gas or charcoal grill. You can choose the flavor profile of the wood smoke, whether you prefer a more earthy, sweet smoke or a more aromatic fruit flavor. These chips can elevate any cookout.

  • Wood Log

    Wood Type

    With an objective to fulfill the demands of our clients, we are engaged in providing a wide array of  Wood Log. All-wood logs are made in machines that apply pressure with screws or pistons.

    Capitalising on our advanced manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer Wooden logs in various sizes that is immensely used in the transportation and packaging industry. These wooden sizes are available in various shapes, dimensions & sizes and can also be customised to suit the variegated needs of the clients. Keeping in mind the monetary constraints of our clients, we offer these wooden sizes at highly affordable prices.

  • Wood Pellets

    Premium Quality Wood Pellet Fuel For Use With Wood Pellet Stoves, Clean Handling, Smokeless, Pollution Free, No Chimney Problems, Very Little Ash, High Efficiency, Heats For Less. Also for use with NatureMill automatic kitchen composters.

  • Wood Sawdust

    Wood Sawdust

    Sawdust (or wood dust) is a by-product or waste product of woodworking operations such as sawing, sanding, milling, planing, and routing. It is composed of small chippings of wood.

    Two waste products, dust and chips, form at the working surface during woodworking operations such as sawing, milling and sanding. These operations both shatter lignified wood cells and break out whole cells and groups of cells. Shattering of wood cells creates dust, while breaking out of whole groups of wood cells creates chips. The more cell-shattering that occurs, the finer the dust particles that are produced. For example, sawing and milling are mixed cell shattering and chip forming processes, whereas sanding is almost exclusively cell shattering