• Experience the Hype — Our mindfully made charcoal has been carefully designed to give you the best grilling experience possible, using sustainably sourced recycled wood. Enjoy longer burn times, cleaner cooking, and money-saving reusability with our pure sustainable charcoal for your grill.
  • More Burn For Your Buck — Save time, money and fuel with our charcoal. Because of its compressed structure, Prime6 is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, with 8lb equivalent to 32lbs of ordinary lump charcoal. Plus, its reusable design means less waste – just reuse again and again until it’s completely burned out.
  • All Natural With No Additives — Prime 6 is made from recycled hardwood waste sawdust, compressed and slow-carbonized into dense charcoal. That’s it. No binders. No additives. No chemicals. The result? Pure charcoal, and a clean burn – no chemical smoke in your food or on your table.
  • Firing Up The Flavor — Prime 6 is the charcoal your ingredients deserve. Our unique hexagonal design allows for better air circulation, giving you a longer burn time with high, even heat – and more even cooking. You get an excellent grilling experience with pure, big flavor. That’s why pit masters and chefs across America choose Prime 6.
  • Feel-Good Grilling — Grilling isn’t just a juicy burger, a vegetable kebab crisscrossed with char, or a sizzling steak. It’s dinner that turns into a party at your house when the neighbors show up. Mustard on your fingers. Music on your speakers. Bottom line: Grilling is a celebration. 


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